Privacy & Security Notes

What kind of information does Size Puppy collect?

Size Puppy does not collect any additional information apart from typically collected server logs by web sites in general.

What about the requirement to turn on Javascript? Is it safe?

With the advent of AJAX and other similar technology these days, enabling Javascript on web browsers is becoming less and less avoidable. The more widely Javascript is used in websites, the improvements in the area of security for modern web browser have also made pretty good progress (san one that shall not be named). That being said, no one can guarantee total safety when it comes to things like Javascript used in web browsers.

The good news is that one does not need to enable every possible Javascript "feature" in order to use Size Puppy.

What Javascript feature do I need to enable on my web browser to use Size Puppy?

An absolute minimum is to enable Javascript access to resize the web browser's window. To be fair, this tool is designed to allow you to resize your web browser's window to exactly the size desired.

Popup block features (yes, those pesky little popup window!) in web browsers could also interfere with the Javascript that Size Puppy use to launch a new window. To use Size Puppy’s “launch a new window” feature, you may need to add to the list of domains allowed to popup a window.

For more information on how to enable Javascript features, please refer to our help section.

Note: Most modern web browser gives you finer grain control as to which Javascript feature you can enable. Although there are a few web browser (the one in particular shall not be named) out there that have the all or nothing attitude towards Javascript enabling. So, depending on which web browser, you may or may not be able to grant just access to the resize feature.

Does Size Puppy use cookies?



Although currently Size Puppy does not use cookies, there are features being considered for the future that may require the use of cookies. However, even with those features implemented, Size Puppy being a purely client side tool, the use of cookies will not result in any information sent back to the secret Size Puppy headquarters for any analysis to satisfy any of our evil intent.

Note: Though the use of cookies has always been a privacy concern and often associated with hacking activities, the fear is really unfounded. You may or may not notice it but all those websites that requires logins and especially those that remembers you when you return to that website are using cookies to track your login info and session. Besides being used widely on the internet, there are no known cases where an exploit that explicitly uses cookies to violate someone's privacy and/or hacked from the result of allowing cookies uses for some websites (at least not to our knowledge).

Is there someone I can contact for more information or concern?

Yes, send your queries to privacy .AT.